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Augustus F. Hawkins Literacy Center

Here at Bethel we have conducted a summer literacy center since 2009.

Your child can excel in reading and math this summer. The Augustus F. Hawkins Literacy Center, in collaboration with Bethel A. M. E. Church in Jeffersonville, is a highly adaptive, self-paced, and group oriented center designed for students of all grades. We incorporate learning with fun and excitement for youths during the summer. Our program was developed by experts that ensure students grasps and master concepts. The result: your child will become more engaging and more confident by truly excelling in reading and comprehension, which will aid him/her in succeeding with math and other types of problems on standardized tests.

In our literacy program, your child will be supported and encouraged toward an attitude of accountability and excellence for his or her academic development and everyday social interactions. We will implement the Augustus F. Hawkins’ program with the goal to: improve academic achievement, social skills and behavior, school attendance, and family involvement.

Other than the students’ grade level, there are no qualifications; however, we really want to reach students who are struggling the most in reading, math and science. Each day’s activities will be led by volunteers - local educators, business people and parents. More helpers are welcome. Throughout the summer we will dive into a curriculum of science, math and reading, with a focus on literacy, reading, and reading comprehension.

“We felt like we needed to take back our responsibility,” said the Rev. Dr. Sheiler Stokes, and provide assistance in preparing our children for the future. “The village needs to take back responsibility [to educate children].”

“I think it’s great,” said Carmen Ross, Founding Director of the program at Bethel. “I think children only need someone to care, and if you believe in a child, that child will believe in himself and every child is capable of learning.”

Our further goal is to:

1) To provide a personal library for each child enrolled.

2) To use culturally relevant teaching strategies, technology, and a curriculum that incorporates cultural rites of passage and empowerment.

3) To provide an opportunity to build more productive and successful relationships between parent, child, school, and community.